C9 String Lights - Custom Length, 48 in spacing, White

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XSI 1000 W48
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Custom-length C9 stringer with 48" spacing is perfect for large spaces! These are popular stringers for wedding tents and formal events and look great used with large paper lanterns! Get the exact length you need and create your own unique look with these custom length string light cords!

  • For use with C9 / E17 / Intermediate Base Bulbs (sold separately).
  • 48” spacing between sockets.
  • These stringers are sold by the socket. To calculate quantity needed, divide length (feet) by 3 (see examples on Footage Calculator tab).
  • There is 2 foot of lead and tail wire. Longer leads are not available.
  • Maximum run is 860 watts. For 7 watt bulbs, you can order up to 123 sockets (492 ft.) and for 10 watt bulbs up to 86 sockets (344 ft.).
  • The cord will come with a male and female plug.
  • If one bulb burns out, the rest stay lit.
  • Manufactured with 18 AWG wire and high-quality sockets.
  • Indoor or outdoor use.

Using with Paper Lanterns?
Are you planning to hang Paper Lanterns on the light strands? Here is a guide that explains how much space will be between the lanterns when using with the the 36" spacing:

  • 18” lanterns = 30” between lanterns
  • 16” lanterns = 32” between lanterns
  • 14” lanterns = 34” between lanterns
  • 12” lanterns = 36” between lanterns
  • 10” lanterns = 38” between lanterns
  • 8” lanterns = 40” between lanterns


For string lights with 48" spacing, below is the formula to figure out the quantity of sockets to order for the length you need (in feet). Once you have added the TOTAL number of sockets needed in the shopping cart, indicate the details of the strand(s) you need in special instructions box above. See examples below.

Total feet of lights needed ÷ 4 = Quantity of sockets to order*

Feet Needed Sockets to Order Price
20' 5 $12.50
60' 15 $37.50
100' 25 $62.50

Add the TOTAL number of sockets needed in the shopping cart, then indicate in the instructions box above the details of each strand length needed. See examples below.

Sockets Ordered Details in Special Instructions Yields
50 2 strands=20 sockets each & 1 strand=10 sockets Two 80 ft. strands and one 40 ft. strand with 48" spacing
120 3 strands=40 sockets each Three 160 ft. strands with 48" spacing


*If your answer is not a whole number, round up to the nearest whole number. For example: If you need 50 feet of lights with 48” spacing, you would order 13 sockets (50÷4=12.5, round up to 13).

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Custom length
Socket Spacing:
48 inches
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