C9 Custom Length Commercial Grade String Lights, No Plug (C9/E17/intermediate base)

2 color options
  • Commercial Grade C9 based string lights sockets
  • Commercial Grade C9 based string lights - black - custom length
  • Commercial Grade C9 based string lights - white - custom length
  • c9 e17 intermediate socket dimensions
  • Black C9 Commercial String Light Cord feature
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This C9 commerical grade string light cord can be custom cut in a variety of lengths for any project! Suitable for permanent outdoor installations, these heavy-duty string light cords look professional and will last and last.

Step 1 - Choose CORD COLOR from dropdown menu.
Step 2 - Determine the number of SOCKETS you need. With 15" socket spacing, take your total length (feet) and divide by 1.25 (round up to the nearest whole number) for the number of sockets you need to order. See Footage Calculator tab below for further assistance.
Step 3
- Enter your TOTAL number of sockets needed in the QUANTITY field below (field just above Add to Cart button). 
Step 4
- If you need multiple custom-cut lengths, enter the number of sockets needed on each strand in the INSTRUCTIONS box (e.g., 1 strand 14 sockets & 1 strand 30 sockets). 

• Custom-length cords are priced per socket.
• Lead and tail wire lengths cannot be customized (we cut exactly between two sockets). 
• Plugs are not included, but can be purchased separately.
• Longest single length is 264 sockets (330 feet). For single or mutliple lengths totalling close to this or longer, consider an entire 330 foot Bulk Reel.

Custom orders typically ship within a couple days but may take 1-2 weeks. If your order is time sensitive, contact us for current availability.

  • For use with C9 bulbs (sold separately).
  • 15" spacing between sockets. 
  • These stringers are sold by the socket. To calculate quantity needed, divide length (feet) by 1.25 (see examples on Footage Calculator tab).
  • Longer lead or tail wire not available. There is 7.5 inches of wire at either end of the strands.
  • These strands DO NOT come with a plug. They are intended to be hard-wired to a power source.
  • Bulbs must be faced downward.
  • Maximum run is 1200 watts. Max load for each socket is 10 watts.
  • Using 7 watt bulbs, max run is 171 sockets (213 ft.) Using 10 watt bulbs, max run is 120 sockets (150 ft.). If used with LED bulbs, the entire reel of 264 sockets can be used on one run.
  • If one bulb burns out, the rest stay lit.
  • Manufactured with 16-gauge wire and high-quality sockets.
  • PVC socket forms a tight weatherproof seal around the bulb.
  • Indoor or outdoor use. Suitable for permanent, outdoor installation. You must keep a bulb in every socket to maintain weatherproof quality.
  • Installation Instructions


Below is the formula to figure out the quantity of sockets to order for the length you need (in feet). Once you have added the TOTAL number of sockets needed in the shopping cart, indicate the details of the strand(s) you need in special instructions box above. See examples below.

Total length needed ÷ 1.25 = Quantity of sockets to order*

Feet Needed Sockets to Order Price
25' 20 $50.00
50' 40 $100.00
100' 80 $200.00

Add the TOTAL number of sockets needed in the shopping cart, then indicate in the instructions box above the details of each strand length needed. See examples below.

Sockets Ordered Details in Special Instructions Yields
60 3 strands: 20 sockets each Three 25 ft strands
214 1 strand=150 sockets; 2 strands=32 sockets each One 120 ft. strand and two 40 ft. strands

*If your answer is not a whole number, round up to the nearest whole number. For example: If you need 53 feet of lights, you would order 43 sockets (53÷1.25=42.4, round up to 43)

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Custom length
Socket Spacing:
15 inches
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