Versaline® 24V Power Supply Units

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The foundation of the Versaline Family is 24VDC power which has two main advantages: (1) safer voltage for installers and guests who unintentionally encounter the current directly, and (2) greatly reduces GFCI tripping issues. Versaline offers a range of IP rated, Class 2 power supply units that convert power to 24VDC and can power up to 4000 lights. The Versaline 5R coupling connector provides a sealed twist-lock connection that reduces water intrusion and is compatible with all Versaline products. Choose the wattage you need for your entire run of lights. See complete features and specifications below.

Product Specs:

  • Maximum Run of Lights (product dependent):
    • 12W: 400 lights
    • 24W: 800 lights
    • 48W: 1600 lights
    • 72W: 2400 lights
    • 100W: 4000 lights
  • Connections:
    • Female (output), all models: Versaline® 5R Coupling
    • Male (input):
      • 12W: 1-15P, Non-polarized, Standard Plug
      • 24W-100W: 5-15P, Grounded, Standard Plug
  • Wire Gauge & Type:
    • 12W: 2x20AWG, SPT-1W
    • 24W & 48W: 2x18AWG, SPT-2W
    • 72W & 100W: 2x16AWG, SPT-2W
  • Lead length (male plug to unit);
    • 24W & 48W: 120 inches
    • 72W & 100W: 72 inches

Product Details:

  • Full-wave rectification prevents flickering
  • Overload protection
  • Class 2
  • cETLus listed
  • All models rate IP65+
  • Weather-resistant, perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations
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