C7 Commercial Grade String Lights - Bulk Reel 330 ft, No Plug, Black

  • 330' C7 Commercial String Light Cord, Black
  • C7 Commercial String Light Cord, Black (socket)
  • C7 E12 candelabra socket dimensions
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Now you can get classic C7 light strands in a 330 foot spool! This heavy-duty stringer may be hard-wired directly to a power source and does not come finished with plugs. Perfect for permanent installation on outdoor exteriors to trim your house, patios, pool areas, etc.

REELS ship in 3-5 business days.

Cord Specs:

  • TOTAL LENGTH: 330 feet
  • SOCKET SIZE: C7 / E12 / candelabra base
  • NUMBER OF SOCKETS: 330 sockets
  • SOCKET SPACING: 12 inches
  • GAUGE: 16AWG & SPT-2 wire
  • CONNECTION: No plug or terminated end
  • MAXIMUM RUN: 1200 watts (10 amps)
  • MAX WATTAGE PER SOCKET: Up to 10 watt bulbs
  • RATING: RoHS compliant

Product Details:

  • Bulbs sold separately
  • Bulk reels DO NOT come with a plug. They are intended to be hard-wired to a power source or have an electrician install a plug.
  • For indoor or outdoor use. Suitable for permanent outdoor installation.
  • Maximum run is 1200 watts. For 5 watt bulbs, you can cut up to 240 sockets (240 ft.). For 7 watt bulbs, up to 171 sockets (171 ft.). You can use the entire reel with our LED bulbs.
  • High quality PVC sockets form a snug, weather‐resistant seal around the bulb. You must keep a bulb in every socket to maintain weatherproof quality.
  • All cut ends must be sealed properly to preclude the entrance of water.
  • Keep bulbs/sockets at least 16 feet away from pools and spas.
  • Install with sockets facing downward.
  • For spans longer than 20 feet, use a steel cable guide wire.
  • Two mounting ears are on each side of the base. For long-term reliability and easy installation, we suggest using zip ties on each side of the socket. Read more about How to Hang Outdoor String Lights.
  • Installation Instruction
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Additional Information

Socket Size:
Cord Grade:
Cord Color:
Cord Length:
330 foot bulk reel
Socket Spacing:
12 inches
Qty of Lights/Sockets:
Plug Style:
No plug
Cord Rating:
RoHS Compliant
Wire Gauge:
16 AWG
Max Wattage per Socket:
Max Run:
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