Paper Lantern Assembly

Our lanterns are packaged and shipped flat to save space and are very easy to assemble. Every package should include assembly instructions. If you didn't get or can't find the instructions, follow the steps below.

Instructions for Expanding Paper Shades
(for indoor or temporary dry outdoor use only)

  1. Remove plastic and expand shade into fully round shape (Fig. 1).
  2. Locate metal expander and remove twist-tie from light bulb clamp (Fig. 2-A). Splay clamp (Fig. 2-B).
  3. Use the metal expander to hold shade open as follows:
    1. Locate top of shade; opening has two metal eyelets (Fig. 3-A).
    2. Insert expander, bottom first, through top opening of shade (Fig. 3-B).
    3. Bottom of expander will rest in bottom opening of shade. Top two arms of expander will fit into two eyelets in top opening of shade.
    4. Allow expander to bend so that it doesn't tear paper (Fig. 4).
  4. Light bulb clamp of expander will clip onto most incandescent light bulbs (Fig. 5). Clip onto existing bulbs in your string lights, single pendant cord, or one of our electric kits.

Paper Lanterm Assembly Instructions
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