LED Dimmer & Timer - 360W & 650W

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  • LED Dimmer & Timer - 360W
  • LED Compatible Dimmer & Timer Remote
  • LED Dimmer & Timer - 650W
  • LED Dimmer & Timer - 360W & 650W
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Now you can control the brightness of your LED string lights with convenience. For added convenience, timer setting are added to choose length of time before turning off your light set. The wireless remote control provides convenience for setting dimmer and timing settings. Works on incandescent bulbs as well.

*Please note this dimmer is not compatible with all the string lights we sell. Check the product details of the lights to ensure the bulbs are (1) dimmable, AND (2) total length uses under the wattage of the dimmer being purchased.

  • Cannot be hardwired.
  • Works with any dimmable LED bulbs and all incandescent bulbs. 
  • Do not exceed wattage of dimmer selected. Maximum wattage examples for each dimmer are:
    • 360 watt dimmer: up to 180 2W dimmable LED bulbs or 32 11W incandescent bulbs
    • 650 wat dimmer: up to 325 2W dimmable LED bulbs or 59 11W incandescent bulbs
  • Operates by 120V AC power.
  • Includes wireless remote.
  • Pre-Programmed Timer: 30 MIN, 1 HR, 2 HR, 4 HR
  • Pre-Set Dimming: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
  • Manual Dimming Buttons
  • For indoor or outdoor use.
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6 Reviews

  • 4
    a must have for ambiance

    If you want any sort of ambiance you will need the ability to dim your string lights. They are very bright without a dimmer. We use them around our fire pit and always use them at the lowest setting. I'm ordering our second dimmer. The first should have lasted longer but I guess 3 years isn't too bad. The range on the remote is decent - more than 50 feet or so.

  • 5
    Dimmer for low watt LED bulbs

    This dimmer is as described, compatible with low watt led bulbs. I used 0.8w led bulbs. The dimmer does not fade the light completely to 0, but I would estimate it does take them down to near 15 % +/-.

  • 5
    Nice effect and great CS

    I recently purchased this light dimmer kit for a set of string lights I purchased from party lights. I found using this dimmer to be spectacular and really enjoyed adjusting the intensity of the bulbs when I wanted to. I did have and issue with the unit and it stopped working. However, party lights customer service took care of me and sent a new unit to me with no questions asked. Can’t do much better than their customer service!

  • 4
    LED Dimmer

    Works as advertised/ Remote control is quite good with many handy functions.

  • 5
    Made all the difference

    I installed 4, 48' strings of the commercial grade string lights with the LED Professional S14 warm white bulbs around my patio and along the top of the 8' perimeter fence enclosing my back yard. Even with the 0.8W bulbs, it was pretty bright in the back yard. Plugged the strings into this dimmer and problem solved. I can read by them at 100% or go to full-on "mood lighting" at 25%. Great little remote, as well.

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