LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Energy-Efficient and Long-Lasting LED Lights

LED String Lights and Decor Lighting are the perfect addition to any patio, party or indoor space. From our wide selection of LED Mini Lights to the ever-popular LED Outdoor String Lights to color-changing Light Cubes and Orbs, we’ve got it all. LED replacement bulbs are all the rage because of their average bulb life, while the LED Fairy Lights offer flexibility to accent any decor. Whatever style of LED lighting you choose, you'll feel better knowing that you're saving energy without compromising your design.

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    DC Hardwire LED Driver, 30 watts, 12 volt DC Hardwire LED Driver, 60 watts, 12 volt

    DC Hardwire LED Driver, 12V (30W-150W)

    $74.00 - $205.00
    Used with our Low Votlage LED Lightstar String Lights, this driver series features universal 100-240V AC power input with exceptional reliability and class II rating. Standard built-in protections include short circuit, over-voltage, and overload...
    Ships in 3-5 business days
    $74.00 - $205.00
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    $74.00 - $205.00
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