330 ft Commercial Grade, Suspended Socket E26 String Light & LED S14 Professional Bulbs

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4 cord options
5 bulb options
  • 330' Black LED Outdoor String Light, Suspended Sockets & Professional LED S14 Bulbs
  • 330' White LED Outdoor String Light, Suspended Sockets & Professional LED S14 Bulbs
  • 330' Black LED Outdoor String Light, Suspended Sockets & Professional LED S14 Cool White Bulbs
  • E26 suspended socket string light reel - 14AWG cord
  • E26 suspended socket string light bundle - 16AWG cord
  • Professional LED S14 Bulb, 2300K
  • Professional LED S14 Bulb, 2700K
  • Professional LED S14 Bulb, 7000K
  • Professional LED S14 Bulb
  • E26 suspended socket - 14AWG black cord
  • E26 suspended socket - 16AWG black cord
  • E26 suspended socket - 14AWG white cord
  • E26 suspended socket - 16AWG white cord
  • Medium E26 suspended socket dimensions
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One of our most popular LED bulbs, this commercial grade string light set is the perfect solution for larger, permanent outdoor lighting installations! The professionally designed S14 LED bulbs provide a beautiful ambiant color. Commercial grade string lighting is great for lighting interior event spaces, building outlines, patio lighting, gazebos, parks or any other permanent lighting needs.

The key differences between the two cord options are the 14AWG cord allows you to run longer lengths, and it has a bit more insulation around the wiring. The benefit to the 16AWG cord is it's robust enough for commercial use but light enough for easy installation (about 1/2 the weight of the 14AWG wire). Both cords provide heavy-duty construction and weatherproof sockets.

Cord Specs:

  • TOTAL LENGTH: 330 feet
  • SOCKET SIZE: Medium / E26 base
  • NUMBER OF SOCKETS: 165 sockets
  • SOCKET SPACING: 24 inches
  • GAUGE: 14AWG SJTW 2-wire or 16AWG SPT 2-wire
  • CONNECTION: No plugs or terminated end
  • MAXIMUM RUN: 1800 watts (14AWG) or 1200 watts (16AWG)
  • MAX WATTAGE PER SOCKET: Up to 25 watt bulbs
  • RATING: RoHS compliant & IP64 Rating (14AWG) and ETL certified wire (16AWG)

Bulb Specs:

  • TYPE: LED S14 professional bulb (5 SMD LEDs)
  • QUANTITY: 165 included + free spare bulbs*
  • SIZE: 1.75" wide and 2.75" high (3.5" high including base) with medium/E26 base
  • MATERIAL: Glass or shatter-resistant plastic
  • WATTAGE: 0.8 watts each
  • DIMMABLE: Yes, with LED-compatible dimmer (sold separately)
  • COLOR TEMPERATURE: 2300K, 2700K, and 7000K
  • BRIGHTNESS: Equivalent to an 11W incandescent bulb

Product Details:

  • Bulk reels DO NOT come with a plug. They are intended to be hard-wired to a power source or have an electrician install a plug.
  • For indoor or outdoor use. Suitable for permanent outdoor installation.
  • Plastic bulbs are shatter-resistant with a smooth plastic shell.
  • High quality PVC sockets form a snug, weather‐resistant seal around the bulb. You must keep a bulb in every socket to maintain weatherproof quality.
  • For IP64 rating (14AWG cord), any cut ends must be sealed with an end cap and/or electrical tape (ensure proper seal to preclude entrance of water).
  • Keep bulbs/sockets at least 16 feet away from pools and spas.
  • Install with sockets facing downward.
  • Assembly required. Bulbs will need to be screwed in. 
  • For spans longer than 20 feet (14AWG cord) or 25 feet (16AWG), use a steel cable guide wire.
  • Suspended socket has T-mold with mounting hole. For long-term reliability and easier installation, we suggest using zip ties on each side of the socket. Read more about How to Hang Outdoor String Lights.
  • Cord Installation Instructions

*Free spare bulbs included varies and are as follows: 2300K glass, 2300K plastic, 2700K glass, and 7000K glass each include 10 extras. The 7000K plastic includes an extra 15 bulbs. We prefer to drop ship bulbs in full box quantities, and the box quantities vary by supplier.

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Additional Information

Socket Size:
Cord Grade:
Socket Style:
Cord Color:
Cord Length:
330 foot bulk reel
Socket Spacing:
24 inches
Qty of Lights/Sockets:
Bulb Type:
Bulb Shape:
Bulb Color:
Warm White
Bulb Material:
Plug Style:
No plugs
Cord Rating:
RoHS Compliant / IP64 Rating
Wire Gauge:
14 AWG SJTW 2-wire
Max Wattage per Socket:
Max Run:
Bulb Wattage:
LED Color Temperature:
Bulb Color:
Cool White
LED Color Temperature:
LED Color Temperature:
Bulb Material:
Wire Gauge:
16AWG SPT 2-wire
Max Run:
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